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Our Story

Redbalifrog's humble beginning was a simple ebay shopping store early 2007 with only a handful of designs and items for sale. What was started as a side project of creative inspiration soon flourished into something more than we could have ever expected. Did the world love the same themes, ideas, objects, and natural beauty that we did? 

The answer was yes...

Our 925 silver pieces are created using the traditional wax casting process and hand finishing techniques passed down through generations of people in the Indonesian
mountain village of Ubud.

Our ideology and vision for Redbalifrog has always been to create beautiful hand crafted pieces of art that everyone can wear. We are passionate about our planet and use this as the main sense of direction with all our designs and range concepts. We have a mutual respect and support for the beautiful island of Bali and also the people that make it. Looking after the world and all its
creatures is at the essence of what we do and who we are.

With enduring passion we bring you these miniature creations. Together, lets celebrate...